10 Adorable Reasons why we should celebrate Father’s Day

10 Adorable Reasons why we should celebrate Father's Day Happy Father's Day fathers day story fathers day 2019 fathers day special

Every Father in the world is a super Hero to his children. And a Father is the one who defines all the terms like strong support, silent love, and states the meaning of handsomeness. Let’s raise our glasses to the for the most loving and caring person in our lives. Hence We Should Celebrate Father’s Day.

Here are 10 Adorable reasons to celebrate Fathers’ Day this year:

  1. Dad is Real Life Super Hero: I can’t stress this point enough but whatever problems are up to, the first person that comes into your mind as a solution is Dad. We have this inner faith developed since childhood that no matter whatever the problem may be, from an empty petrol tank in the middle of the road to any big financial issue, the go-to person is Dad. And this is universal.
  1. Dad, the personal Story-teller: Remember the time when you used to fall asleep in his arms while he read your bedtime story every night, without fail and you slept like a baby?
  1. Dad helps us to find the path: This starts since childhood he holds our hand while taking the steps and continues doing that till you find the school to graduate and a satisfactory job. And holds our hand until you find the way to the career.
  1. Dad is our ATM: Such a kind of ATM that need no card and never runs out of money for us. Nobody can deny it, that he asks or expects nothing in return.
  1. Dad teaches us cool things: Like developing interests in sports and cooking at the same? The 100% credit goes to Dad. Teaching the Football and Cricket and the making of Chai takes a rare combination of the person and in every case, that is Dad.
  2. Dad can’t say ‘NO’: No matter what you are asking for he will never ever say no to you. Let it be a college trip, trekking camp, outing with friends or maybe extra pocket money for the month. At times a mom will deny but the dad will never say NO to you.
  1. Dad adds up humour to life: I don’t know, does this happens at only my place or even you can relate to this, but Dad’s jokes are hilarious. He can joke about literally anything and everything, which is totally uncanny. But every dad carries a special sense of humour which blissfully is transferred to us
  1. Dad- my personal Adviser: In any situation of utmost seriousness or not so important he gives great advise. Like, right from which subject to choose for a PhD to which dress to wear on the birthday party of your friend, he always gives the perfect advice, ever!
  1. Dads have the great taste of music: And you can’t deny this. There needs to be at least one song that you and your dad sing together at gatherings or just after dinner while having dessert. Which is cute, isn’t it?
  1. Dad always Cover for us: How many times has this happened to you that you got covered by your dad and that iconic fight between you and mom didn’t happen?

Have you got any wonderful idea to celebrate Father’s Day? Tell us how you will in the comment section below. Let’s see if we can feature your idea in our next post. Happy Father’s Day everyone!

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10 Adorable Reasons why we should celebrate Father's Day
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10 Adorable Reasons why we should celebrate Father's Day
Father is the one who defines all the terms like strong support and silent love Hence We Should Celebrate Father's Day.
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