5 Digital Transformation Trends for 2019

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“Hey Google, tell me which Digital Transformation Trends should I follow for my marketing strategy.”

Digital Transformation:

Here is just a quick look at what is happening right now. You must have heard about voice search and above is the exact things many of us are voice searching right now. Welcome to the future, we are already here!

The speed of digital transformation and innovation continues at the maximum, and brands are now continuing to find digital trends driving the business strategy, digital business models, workforce, customer interaction, and business operational changes necessary to compete in the market to prove themselves significant. This change will continue through 2020 and years beyond.

We started “talking” regarding digital transformation AKA DX about eleven years ago. To be precise that was 2008, many of us believed that the journey was almost about technology and had a start and an end—at least one that would come before 2019.

We’re now experiencing the second generation of digital transformation trends. I would like to suppose we’re finally getting down to see that technology is the foundation of this journey, and business still has to undergo a complete transformation that includes digital business strategy, business model, workforce, customer interaction, and business operations.

The second generation of Digital Transformation is concentrated on the business as a platform that allows agile and versatile global operations. The businesses that are the most competitive and have the most effective chance for long-run survival are able to build and maintain a business strategy that may adapt to dynamic business and technology conditions.

The modern business platform features a technology or digital core that supports the flexibility to build and adopt a digitally enabled business model. This model addresses the approach the business goes to market, the approach it supports its workforce, and also the approach it produces its products and services. More and more, for digitally savvy businesses, the technology is so tangled with the model and the operations that they aren’t simply separated, that supports the construct that a business should always be an integrated platform.

For 2019 and on the far side, here are 5 trends that are most powerful and support the continuing enlargement of Digital Transformation

  1. Artificial Intelligence:

There are two terms related to AI, one is Artificial Intelligence and another is Machine Learning. And there are 2 approaches for AI/ML platforms that are being employed in businesses these days. There are standalone AI platforms which permit businesses to make Machine Learning algorithms for nearly any conceivable application, and embedded AI platforms that operate within a selected application or process. AI is now mostly used by project managers to have a look at employees, their efficiency in real time.

  1. Chatbots:

They give an instant reply to your customers while you focus on what you can do the best. Chatbots can be used on both websites and social media platforms. Facebook launched its own chatbot service and availed other brands to have benefits. While you are busy working on some serious project in hand, the chatbot on your website might be collecting some quality lead for you.

  1. Blockchain:

While still a comparatively new technology, blockchain could be a hot topic nonetheless and we’re bound to see a lot of it in 2019. What commenced as a technology created to create financial transactions online safer is slowly melding into a variety of different potential potentialities for numerous industries and that’s where much of the trend can see the main focus in 2019.

  1. Cloud Computing:

While the cloud has been a hot topic for years now, however, it’s being adopted in changing patterns these days. At one time, businesses were moving fully to cloud environments while others wished to stay on the non-public cloud. More businesses are currently finding profit in using both public and personal clouds in a hybrid cloud approach to fulfilling their wants. The result is seamless, frequently secured operations while increasing efficiency and productivity.

  1. 5G Fixed to 5G Mobiles:

With mobile CPU makers are promising to deliver 5G chips in 2019, we are now waiting for more network availability around the world as well as the launches of suitable devices. 5G is rumored to have a network that strong which will support the next-gen technologies like self-driving vehicles, and other augmented reality offerings. For many businesses, the launch of 5G technology will provide less latency for communications, fast download speeds, and even great probabilities across nations.

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